Web development is a collection term for all around the development of a web site. It includes programing of server/client , web designsystem development, computer security, development of databases and many other things. Web development can be anything from writing a simple page with  HTML to the creation of complex  web applications.




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Graphic profile?

Your website is an extension of you Thanks to today’s IT society you have expansion opportunities that you did not have before. With a strong brand online, you can position yourself on the international market. We develop a graphic profile that keeps all the way.


We have a unique way of presenting smart and innovative solutions. We are known to be exceptionally time-efficient and always deliver a 100% satisfied customer policy. With us, you avoid expensive detours.

Web design?

When the result exceeds expectations For us, the customer’s interest is always the most important, we do not give ourselves until you are satisfied. With passion for design and shape, we develop a unique and needs-adapted design that suits you and your brand. A satisfied customer is a good customer!

Web Development?

Save time and money with Tinkit We are known to be attentive and keen on our customers. With us, you can always feel safe with getting an honest needs analysis, so you don’t have to pay expensive money for anything you don’t need. Thanks to our solidarity values and long-term reasoning, we work with many repeat customers. WordPress is popular, no doubt about it, but it may not always be right for all projects. If you are unsure of what would be best for you, please let us know and we can sit down and review your needs for your website.

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speed optimization

Even if your clients don’t complain about slow loading or long waiting times. A slow web service can negative impact on your SEO. 


Do it right the first time and you don’t need to spend time doing it again. SEO is like a black hole of what you can spend time on. We help you understand whats important to focus on. 


We help our clients all the way through. So that you will be able to manage your own site. 

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